5 Best Android Sat Nav Apps 2017

best android sat nav apps

With a wide variety of Sat Nav apps now available for Android smartphones, there’s no need to leave the house without a ready source of directions, wherever you’re going! Here are five of the best Android Sat Nav apps on the market.

1. Google Maps

The staple Sat Nav app for Android users, Google Maps is hard to beat. It is updated more regularly than any other Sat Nav app, making it the most accurate. It’s also probably the safest, thanks to its impressive voice command function – you won’t have to touch the screen at all while driving, which is excellent given the recent changes in driving laws. With panoramic street maps giving you a clear view of your route, and easy offline use, Google Maps ticks all the boxes.

2. CoPilot GPS

This is an accurate, intuitive Sat Nav app featuring a 3D display, with offline maps available for the whole world. Although this is a subscription-based app, its offline usability will save you a fortune in data roaming charges if you drive abroad frequently. CoPilot GPS also syncs easily with social media. Your first week is free – after this you’ll have to subscribe, but the Premium version offers you 12 months’ traffic information free.

3. MapQuest GPS Navigation and Maps

MapQuest is a handy, multi-functional Sat Nav app offering so much more than turn-by-turn navigation. It not only provides live traffic updates it will also give you re-routing options so you can avoid the worst of the traffic. It can show you where the cheapest fuel is available, and if you break down this great little app can even call you a tow truck!

4. MapFactor GPS Navigation

MapFactor is a great option is you’re looking for a Sat Nav system you can use offline. It uses OpenStreetMaps (OSM) data, which works really well even if you can’t get a 4G or 3G signal. It also gives you the option of using TomTom maps, although you’ll have to pay for these. The free OSM version is reliable and accurate, and includes some great features including speed camera alerts. It’s also highly customisable so you can change the map to suit your needs and tastes.

5. Waze

This innovative and hugely popular Sat Nav app crowdsources all of its data from users, so you get real-time, highly accurate traffic reports and re-routing options. You can also report any hazards, delays and even police speed checks yourself, making it an interactive, communal experience. Waze syncs easily with Facebook so you can give your friends ETA updates or share your location.