5 Best iPhone Sat Nav Apps 2017

iPhone Sat Nav

It’s hard to imagine how we ever survived without Sat Nav; and these days there’s no need to invest in an expensive system when there are so many great Sat Nav apps available for your iPhone at little or no cost! We’ve rounded up five of our favourite navigation choices from the App Store.

1. Apple Maps

The best thing about Apple Maps is that not only will it not cost you a penny, it also comes preloaded on all iPhones, so you’ll never be without Sat Nav. Apple Maps is a reliable and intuitive Sat Nav system offering accurate real-time data provided by a range of mapping companies.

The keyword search feature is particularly handy if you’re looking for a particular service – the results are shown in position on the map. Even better, once you start your journey, if you swipe up the screen with two fingers you can see your route in 3D!

2. Google Maps

You really can’t go wrong with Google Maps. Its street views offer you a clear visual of your route, and traffic conditions are updated in real time. It’s also extremely easy to use offline, enabling you to save your chosen area so you can access driving directions even if you don’t have a 4G or 3G signal. This can save you a lot of money in data roaming charges if you drive abroad.

Google Maps also offers an excellent voice command feature, which makes it a safe choice as you don’t need to fiddle around with your phone while driving.

3. MotionX GPS

One of the earliest Sat Nav apps developed for iPhone, MotionX offers tons of features, including the largest number of map choices (nine!) of any iPhone Sat Nav app. It also shows you the speed limit and your current speed and altitude, and enables you to save up to 500 of your favourite locations, which you can post directly to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, it is fully integrated with Wikipedia, so you can learn plenty of facts about the places on your route!

4. TomTom GO Mobile

TomTom is one of the most trusted names in Sat Nav, and its iPhone app offers all the unfailing accuracy of its world-class car navigation systems. The best available route is always chosen for you based on its impeccable real-time traffic conditions, and maps from all over the world can be installed for free. It also enables you to take some of the stress out of driving with the handy Speed Camera Alert feature.

5. Waze

Waze is an innovative app which gives driving a communal feel. Every driver using the app is contributing traffic information in real time, and it also offers manual reporting of delays such as traffic accidents and police cordons so other drivers can save time. There’s also plenty of useful information here, such as the cheapest places to buy fuel along your route.