Can you reuse used AdBlue tanks?

Can you reuse used Adblue tanks?

Despite the environmental advantages of AdBlue, the technology has caused no end of issues for modern fleets. Issues arise when tanks run low or empty, which can be all too easy when an HGV racks up thousands of miles in a week. Fleets are literally treading on egg shells trying to keep up, and that’s before you factor in malfunction.

AdBlue tanks do fail. They can crack, split, warp and corrode. Whether they’re plastic or aluminium, they’re not immune to breaking.

The good news is you can reuse used AdBlue tanks. There’s no law from stopping you replacing your broken AdBlue tank with one in used condition - so long as it works and is in good condition. If your vehicle is in warranty, to maintain it we recommend replacing the tank with a like-for-like product, so that everything remains OEM.

Buying a used AdBlue tank

AdBlue is a corrosive liquid, which is why the tanks are made from elastomeric and plastic materials, such as nylon (or, they have an internal coating of it). AdBlue tanks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, though the tanks on trucks are very much like tall, thin jerry cans. They typically have their sensors built in.

Most AdBlue tanks vary in design between make and model. For example, the Euro 3 /4 AdBlue tank on a Volvo FM13 truck is different to the AdBlue tank on a Scania truck with a Euro 6 engine. The tanks aren’t cross-compatible so it’s essential you source the right AdBlue tank for your truck. You can do this by checking the model number.

Used condition and prices

You should only ever buy a used AdBlue tank that’s in working condition.

The tank itself should have no dents or holes (although a few scratches on the case is absolutely normal). The tank should also come with fixings (unless you have your own) and a cap. This is light blue on most tanks, but it’s sometimes grey.

Price wise, you should budget circa £350.00 for a used AdBlue tank. Because the technology’s only been around for a short while, they can be difficult to get hold of. We’ve an unbeatable range at our site in Bridlington. We’ve AdBlue tanks for Volvo trucks, such as the aforementioned Volvo FM13 and the Volvo FH, and other marquees.

Need something specific? Email us at for help sourcing the right used AdBlue tank for your truck.