Finding the right gearbox for your truck

Truck Gearboxes

Used truck gearboxes offer a considerable financial saving versus buying new, and in fact, many older-generation transmissions are no longer being manufactured. This brings us to a sad truth, which is that the truck gearboxes available now are all there will ever be, unless a budding engineering firm decides to make their own one day.

Our used gearboxes

The good news is that used truck gearboxes are readily available through us. We have an enormous range of truck gearboxes available, including rare 10-speed transmissions and the desirable Fuller units. The most common gearboxes we sell are ZF 5-speeds and ZF 6-speeds, which are compatible with a few different truck models.

Our gearboxes include 5-speed Volvo, 9-speed Volvo and 14-speed Volvo units, as well as Scania 5-speed and 10-speed units. We also have plenty of Eaton gearboxes available with a 16-speed or 9-speed specification. In total, we have over 200 used truck gearboxes available for immediate export at our industrial site in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Buying gearboxes with us

Buying a used truck gearbox with us couldn’t be easier. We operate a price on request service, so if you have seen any gearboxes that take your fancy on our website, call us or email us with the product number (for example, EATGEA-0201) and we’ll quote you a price for the gearbox on its own, or if you prefer, with combined shipping for export built into the price. We offer fair prices on all our stock and we always provide excellent customer service.

How do I know what gearbox I need?

The best way to find this out is to contact the OEM of your truck (for example, Scania, Mercedes or Volvo). They will be able to assist you in this matter. Alternatively, we might be able to help you since we break trucks professionally.

What should I look for in a used gearbox?

We don’t test all the gearboxes we sell, but we do visually inspect them. Any gearboxes that show obvious signs of damage are either sold as such, or they are melted down for their scrap metal content. With a used gearbox, you should ask about the truck’s history because this will give you a good indication of condition (what was the mileage of truck the gearbox was removed from? What caused it to be removed from service?).

Need a used gearbox? Talk to us to find out more

We regularly break trucks and remove gearboxes for export. We have over 200 gearboxes available right now. To find out more about our latest stock, call us on +44 (0)1262 679639 or email us at and we’ll do our best to assist you.