How reliable are Deutz engines?

How reliable are Deutz engines?

Deutz AG has manufactured engines in in Porz, Cologne, Germany, since 1864. They’re perhaps the most innovative internal combustion engine manufacturer of the last century, and certainly ever.

The company’s founder, Nicolaus Otto, invented the four-stroke internal combustion engine. You know, the engine that’s found in most vehicles on the road today. They also had a hand in developing state-of-the-art artillery during World War II for Germany, under the name Klöckner Humboldt Deutz AG (now defunct for obvious reasons).

With such extensive history, Deutz is a household name in the mechanical engineering industry. They’re revered around the world. Their products include diesel engines, which are either air cooled, oil cooled or liquid cooled depending on the application.

Deutz engine reliability

Deutz engines are among the most reliable in the world. They can be found in industrial equipment and commercial vehicles.

In trucks, the engines can clock in excess of 500,000 kilometres easily. We’ve seen some trucks that have clocked over a million kilometres. Most of the engines we see have 300,000 to 400,000 km on them, which is still a fair amount.

As a testament to their reliability, one of the oldest tractors in the world, the Fahr F22, manufactured from 1939, still runs today - and it’s powered by a Deutz F2M414 twin-cylinder diesel engine. Incredible stuff.

Deutz are best-known for their big diesel engines. Their engines always have a large capacity and - in older times at least - always went after power.

Used Deutz engines and parts

Despite their popularity and history, Deutz engines are a relatively rare find compared to Volvo and Scania engines - even for a breaker’s yard.

Nether-the-less, we have a wide range of Deutz engines for sale. The engines are thoroughly cleaned and ready to order. We visually inspect them to ensure they’re in serviceable condition - but they will need some maintenance to get going since they’re used. A general service will usually suffice to spring them back into life.

In addition to used Deutz engines, we also have used Deutz parts available. If you need Deutz engine parts, get in touch with us to find out about availability. You can email us at or call us on (0)1262 679639. We can ship anywhere in the United Kingdom and we’re happy to export virtually anywhere in the world.