How to buy a used truck cab

How to buy a used truck cab

Used truck cabs offer up to 90 per cent savings versus buying new, and often, they’re the only way to get a hold of discontinued cab models. For example, Volvo no longer manufacture cabs for the FL10 or FH.480, and Mercedes no longer manufacture cabs for the ATEGO 2628B or 1834. For these models, you must buy used.

The good news is that there’s plenty of life left in a used truck cab, even if it has seen 1,000,000 kilometres on the clock. Used truck cabs often come with a steering wheel, seats and interior trim, but not all of them do. Sometimes, used truck cabs are a bare shell, which some people prefer because it means a proper project for them.

Here’s our tips on how to buy a used truck cab:

Know your model

It’s also important that you know exactly what model of truck you are buying the used cab for. It sounds obvious, but a Volvo truck cab isn’t going to fit a Mercedes truck, and a Scania 164L Topline cab isn’t going to fit a Scania 114 truck.

Know what you want

Okay, so you know the model of the truck you need a cab for. But what condition should it be in, and what trim pieces does it need to have?

Most overseas customers fit their used truck cab right away and run with it as is. However, some customers prefer to strip the cab out to the bare metal and paint it.

If you want a bare shell, then look for used truck cabs without extras. This will save you money on the product and on shipping costs. If you want a truck cab that you can fit and basically run with straight away, then you should look for a cab with seats, a steering wheel, a dashboard and doors. The cab should also have a windscreen.

Know what the going rate is

At M.W. Tractors, we believe in fair prices and good customer service. All our used truck cabs are marked up so that we make money without ripping off our customers. The going rate for a truck cab depends on its desirability. Common cabs for common trucks can go for very little, while rarer top loader cabs can go for quite a lot. Whatever the case, you should get several quotes from different people before making a purchase.

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