How to buy a used truck for parts

Buying second-hand trucks to strip for spare parts has many advantages for individuals and businesses. Here’s why and how to buy used rather than new, and what M W Tractors can do to help you.

Why buy second-hand trucks for spare parts?

When a truck reaches the end of its service life, its usefulness is not over. Many of the parts within the truck are often still in great working order, so these can be stripped out and fitted into other trucks to give them a new lease of life.

Buying used trucks and stripping them for spare parts is a great idea if you own a fleet. It means you always have spare parts handy if you need them in a hurry. You can also save yourself huge amounts of money by not having to spend out on brand-new parts from the manufacturer, when used ones will do just as well.

Additionally, many people make money from buying used trucks and then selling the parts individually to truck owners who are looking for replacement parts at affordable prices.

What to look for in a used truck

When you are considering buying a used truck, the most important thing to check is that it contains all the essential parts you need. These could include mechanical and electronic components, so it is essential to check with the seller what is actually included.

You should always ask to see photographs of the truck before you buy, as this will reassure you of the condition of its parts. However, the only way to gain true peace of mind is to visit the seller in person, which you should always do if possible. This gives you the best opportunity to assess the quality of what you are buying.

Buying a used truck from M.W. Tractors

At M W Tractors, we have a wide variety of used trucks for sale which are ideal for stripping for parts. We provide clear photographs of every truck we sell, and are happy for you to visit in person at our specialist facility in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, UK.

We can provide prices on request, and we are happy to export trucks to practically any destination in the world. If you would like the truck sent abroad, we can provide you with a quote including shipping.

To find out more about our used trucks for sale, please call +44 (0)1262 679639 or email, and our team will be glad to assist you.