Reserving and pre-purchasing stock with M. W. Tractors

Reserving & Pre-purchasing Stock

If you have seen a truck part or another product on our website that you need, you can reserve it or pre-purchase it with us. To do so, please make a note of the product’s MWT reference number and call us immediately. When you call, simply quote the item’s reference number and we will be able to reserve the item for you. You can also pre-purchase the item.

Contact us on (0)1262 679639 to reserve or pre-purchase an item.

Please note however that for some products, we will need you to pay a small deposit to reserve the item. This is to add a level of commitment to the purchase. All our stock goes very quickly because everything is in demand. In other words, you need to act quickly to get the items you need and the best way to do that is to reserve.

Reserving items in greater detail

You can reserve or pre-purchase an item before it officially becomes available whether you are location abroad or in the United Kingdom. We can take debit and credit card payments on the phone and we also accept payment by cheque, although we will only ship your items when your cheque clears. We can also arrange transportation for your parts. If you are located abroad, we ship parts by shipping container, using FCL and LCL containers. We take great care when packaging items to ensure that they always reach you in the best condition.

If you are in the United Kingdom, we can also arrange courier deliver for you, or we can ship your parts using a national courier. Please ask for a quote if you would like this.

Pre-purchasing items in greater detail

We have ever-changing stock so there is a period between us breaking a truck and a part becoming available on our website or over the phone. You may pre-purchase any parts that have not yet gone on sale, by contacting us. Because the part will not be displayed, however, you must call us to find out if we will have one. If we will, then you can purchase it before it goes on sale for the full sticker price. We will ship your parts when payment for them has cleared, and when they become available.

Sometimes, we are also able to source rarer parts for you. If you need a truck part for a repair and that truck is rare, for example, we have the contacts in place to help you source the parts that you need. Simply contact us today to find out more.

Contact us on (0)1262 679639 to reserve or pre-purchase an item.