What to look for when buying a used commercial vehicle

used commercial vehicle

Buying a used commercial vehicle might sound like a daunting process, but it’s easier than you’d think and there’s plenty of vehicles to choose from.

For example, we have a wide range of trucks available, including Mercedes 1834, Volvo FL10, Scania 164L, Scania R480 and Scania P112M models. All our used trucks are available for export, and they are also available for dismantling and parts salvage.

When buying a used commercial vehicle, what you should look for in it depends on what your use for the vehicle will be. If you intend to make the truck road-worthy and run it in your country, then you should check out the mechanicals and electronics to ensure that any faults are fixable, and to ensure that the motor and transmission are sound. If you intend to break the truck when you receive it, then you should get an itemised list of its parts.

Truck Export

We can export trucks as they arrive at our industrial site. We export trucks all over the world, and we offer competitive shipping prices. You can also save money by combining items together in shipping. We can export Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Foden and Iveco trucks within days of payment. If you intend to fix the truck of for work in your country, we can also provide a condition report to help you with your purchase.

Truck Parts Export

If you don’t need the whole truck, we offer a dismantling and parts salvage service on all our used commercial vehicles. If you require a rare or otherwise hard to find part (such as parts that usually must be custom made), you can make an enquiry with us and we will see what we have in stock. We can export used truck parts all over the world, and as with whole trucks, you can save money by combining items together during supping.

Our Industrial Site

Our industrial site is in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. You are welcome to visit us by appointment to inspect the used commercial vehicles you are interested in. We can also send you photos of the vehicles if you can’t make it. Most of our clients are located overseas, so we’re more than happy to email photographs of the trucks and other vehicles that take your fancy. We can also photograph individual parts.

Looking for something not listed on our website? We don’t list everything here! We have such a wide range of used trucks and other used commercial vehicles available, that it isn’t economical for us to list them all on our website. Rest assured though that we have an enormous range of Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Foden and Iveco vehicles available for export, as well as individual parts available for export from these trucks.

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